The Albert Lea Entrepreneur Advancement Program (ALEAP) was started in 2015 to encourage growth of entrepreneurs and small business owners in Freeborn County. Goals of 5 new businesses and 15 employees in 2 years and 10 new businesses and 40 new employees in 5 years were set in 2015. The 2-year goal was met early, in 2016 and ALEAP participants are well on their way to reaching their 5-year goal. The group has recorded 8 new businesses and 23 employees to date.

ALEAP has been recognized with the 2016 EDAM Partnership award and continues to greet new entrepreneurs and small business owners at their monthly events. If you are interested in attending and learning more about ALEAP, these events are open to everyone and we encourage you to join us if you have a passion for entrepreneurship and small business growth in our community.

You can learn more about ALEAP and the upcoming events at their Facebook page here:

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